Woodson Likes Playoff Layoff

Posted by Sekou Smith

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Magic coach Stan Van Gundy might not be a fan of a few days off in the first round of the playoffs, but Hawks coach Mike Woodson has no complaints.

The Hawks and Bucks will have had three full days off when they resume action in Game 3 Saturday night at the Bradley Center. But it was time well spent for the Hawks, save for Josh Smith‘s unsavory comments about the city of Milwaukee and what he views as its lack of activities for visitors.

His coach isn’t worried about that or any playoff layoff. In fact, Woodson likes the extra time to work on things.

“It gives me and my staff a few days to prepare and it give guys that might be banged up a little bit an opportunity to rest their body and get back ready to play,” Woodson said. “I think it’s been great. Last year it was just a one day turnaround for us. We’ve had a couple of days in between. If you get out of the first round and make it to the second round you’ll be asking for rest, because the games come awfully fast. I kind of like it. I’m not complaining one bit.”



Van Gundy likened the stretched playoff schedule to “high school or college” ball, when teams play twice a week. Bucks coach Scott Skiles didn’t object to Van Gundy’s assessment:

“I saw Stan’s comments,” Skiles told reporters in Milwaukee. “I don’t disagree with that. We all understand it . . . the reason for it. There’s no reason to fight that. But it’s awkward. Especially where we’ve had a two- and then a three-day break before the third game. Usually you have one longish break in there, a two- or three-day break in a series. But we have two of them now.

“I think it’s a factor. Probably one team will adjust to that better than the other, and I would say that team probably deserves the game if they get it because they can adjust to kind of getting out of their rhythm a little bit.”

Woodson, however, refuses to conform.

(And you would too if your team did what his did, below, the last time you played)

“You’ve got to deal with what’s in front of you,” he said. “It’s set up this way and we shouldn’t even complain. I’m not. Our guys just have to be ready to play when they step on the floor.”



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  2. patrick says:

    Hi Sekou: why not go back to the 5 game 1st rounds? I really liked that a lot more. With 7 game series, a lot of the series can get pretty boring if one team is way better. Can you float that to your man Stern? Or is the extra revenue from a 7 game series something that would make this highly unlikely? If so, I understand. Who doesn’t like making money?