Hang Time Podcast (Playoff Editions)


“Are you kidding me, we’re talking playoffs?”


You didn’t really think we’d let you start the postseason without a little input from the Hang Time Podcast crew, did you?

We didn’t just dance around each series and offer up predictions, we tracked down people in the know to help preview all eight first round series:

You don’t want to miss the crew — my partner in crime Vince Thomas, super producer Micah Hart, the master of controls Clint Hawkins, and myself — dig in on each and every series:

Cavs-Bulls Preview:

Magic-Bobcats Preview:

Hawks-Bucks Preview:

Celtics-Heat Preview:

Lakers-Thunder Preview:

Mavs-Spurs Preview:

Suns-Blazers Preview:

Jazz-Nuggets Preview:

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Cavs-Bulls Preview

Magic-Bobcats Preview

Hawks-Bucks Preview

Celtics-Heat Preview

Lakers-Thunder Preview

Mavs-Spurs Preview

Suns-Blazers Preview

Jazz-Nuggets Preview


  1. Aaron says:

    Sorry Alexandra. Dirk and the Mavs just beat the Spurs. The Hottest Team since the All Star Break is the Mavs and they are the 3rd team to beat behind LA and Cavs 🙂

  2. Alexandra says:

    iHate Mavericks. iHope Spurs win today(:

  3. Phil says:

    Live out here in Portland, and listening to the preview of Blazer/Suns…What is up wit all the love for the Suns?? PDX has beaten PHX in PHX without B.Roy. And with Rudy in the starting spot as a runner, Camby as a better defensive presence than anything PDX has had before, and LaMarcus motivated against Omari. I think we are in for a good series, and I do think PDX will beat them in 7.

    • Taylor says:

      Hey Phil, what’s PDX?…. I assume you mean Portland? Anyways I can give you credit for the Blazers getting the bext of PHX without Roy, but PHX is arguably the hottest team since the All-Star break!!! Nobody can stop Amar’e when he’s on his game, or Nash for that matter with his superior court vision! I think Portland will put up a fight, but it’s experience and leadership that’s got this one in the bag… P.S. I hope Amar’e doesn’t do LaMarcus dirty like he did Tolliver!!! 🙂

      • Thomas says:

        Orlando is the hottest/best TEAM since all star break.

      • AJ says:

        Portland has won 16 of their last 21 games Taylor. I think that’s about equal to Phoenix. But, this will be a good match-up. Phoenix has better offense and perimeter shooting, but Portland has better defense. I think it will go to 7 games.

  4. Zack says:

    Just want to point out to VT that Smith actually scored more than Johnson in last season’s playoffs. Smith also had those MONSTER games at home against Boston in the first round. Josh hasn’t been unspectacular in the playoffs, just inconsistent… which is the story of Josh Smith up until this season.

    Joe has also been very hot and cold in the playoffs, I would say that none of the Hawks have really consistently raised their games in the playoffs yet. I think this might be the year, a strong series against the Bucks could help them get their sea legs to at least make the second round interesting.