Say It Ain’t So Jo(akim)!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We have no rooting interest in which team snags that eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference race.

Be it the Bulls or Raptors, the attitude around the hideout will remain the same.

If, however, it is the Bulls, we’ll be glad to watch this guy (below) work a little longer this season:



I know he rubbed a lot of people the wrong way when he was at Florida winning those titles and then on draft night with that awful ruffled-beck ensemble.

But Joakim Noah has grown on us in a big way here at Hang Time.

And he’s worked his (pony) tail off to become one of the better and more forceful big men in the league. He doesn’t take anything from anyone, ask LeBron James. And if his Bulls face off  against the Cavaliers in the first round, well, we know who will be ready to go.



  1. beast@BBall says:

    if he could score better he would be a complete player

  2. Yao Zi Wei says:

    man,,,,,i guess i did not expect this guy(Noah) to blossom too. To me , he looks like another tyrus thomas when he just entered the league, and now, he proved himself to be different from those under-performed players, not just athletic, but he still has a lot more room to go, hope that he would not just stop right here.