Finally, A Worthy Debate

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — In the days ahead you will be bombarded with NBA award picks from all over the place, some worth your time and others … not so much.

We won’t waste your time before it’s time with postseason awards around here.

But NBA TV analyst Eric Snow has presented us with a topic worthy of a healthy debate:



Right off the top there are a few problems with this list.

Kevin Johnson at No. 10? You cannot be serious. And for the record, neither Steve Francis nor Nate Robinson qualify (on the Hang Time scale) as point guards, I don’t care that they are listed as such elsewhere.

Two of the current dunking PGs, Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, have a chance to climb into the Top 3 of any list.

But you have to weigh in on this one.

Who are your best dunking PGs of all time?


  1. wtf? says:

    How is Dwayne Wade not on this list?

  2. Silviu says:

    what about Penny Hardawy..he played PG while in Orlando..and I remember some very nice dunks and alley-oops

  3. Yigit Ilguy says:

    If participating to the slam dunk contests is essental according to the list, how about Dee Brown from the Celtics at 1990s. He has beaten Kemp at 1991 SDC. And how about Rondo? May be next year.

  4. Kyle says:

    KJ or Rose should be number one. And where is Anfernee Hardaway? If you’re gonna put guys like Nate Robinson and Francis on there, Hardaway could easily be on there. He actually could pass and score.

  5. jack says:

    Yea i agree what about penny when he was playing pg. He’s my #1 dunker. DRose is my #2. This list sucks.

  6. jason says:

    penny hardaway was best pg dunker although i know he’s taller than all of them

  7. Kyle Jarvis says:

    Dear Hang Time,

    Did you even watch the clip?? KJ was in fact #10, not sure how you missed that… although I thought he should’ve been higher on the list. Personally I feel Iverson is the best dunking point guard ever. He had more dunks and more impressive dunks in games than most of the guys on the list. I agree Rose and Westbrook will climb the list but Westbrook at #5 is too high. It’s true that Francis and Robinson aren’t point guards, but all in all, it was a good list.

  8. shaw says:

    stephon marbury wasnt on the list thats a major mistake

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  10. Yoni says:

    I would first like to disagree with Eric Snow about placing Derrick Rose at such a low spot. He has been posterizing everyone this year. Nate Robinson should not have been number one i don’t think he should have been on the list. He is not a point guard.
    Kevin Johnson should have been listed higher; higher than russel westbrooke (i thought Derrick Rose should have also been higher than Westbrooke). I also think Magic should have gotten some love.

    • Alonso says:

      no 1 Eric Snow (also known as Eric Slow from his Cavs days)

      no 2 Steve Kerr

      no 3 tie between Mark Price and Derick Fisher

  11. turbo says:

    >implying rose isn’t in top 5