DPOY From Dallas?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — No one ever mixed the words Dallas and defense, until now.

Even after this dismal showing last night, there could be a grassroots campaign underway:



My main man and colleague Art Garcia of NBA.com passed along this info Friday night that you must see to believe:

Mark Cuban told me last night that the Mavericks are planning a Defensive Player of the Year Award campaign for Shawn Marion. Makes sense if you look at shut-down prowess of Matrix, as illustrated this week by our own John Schuhmann. In short, the league’s best scorers find it hard sledding against the Mavs.

I talked to Marion last night and he said his individual numbers against the league’s top-5 scorers are even better than what Schuhmann points out. “Check it out,” he told me.

I’ll find out those numbers soon enough. Until then, be on the lookout for the DPOY campaign from the cheerful Dallas PR staff of Sarah Melton, Scott Tomlin and Renee Felton.

If you think this is as crazy as I do, feel free to let Art know exactly how you feel via twitter (it’s okay to pound on the messenger).

I’m guessing you won’t be the only one doing so.

That said, I don’t want to totally dismiss the idea that Marion is a good defender. In fact, I think he’s one of the better perimeter defenders in the league, mostly because he actually cares about being one.

But Defensive Player of the Year?

Get outta here!


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