Young Buck’s Time To Shine!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — A healthy debate continues as to what is more valuable, the leadership Tyreke Evans has provided for a Kings team that won’t sniff the postseason or the pop that Brandon Jennings has brought to a Bucks team that is poised to scare the daylights out of a higher seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs.

The best Rookie of the Year debate of the past few years will get stirred up again Monday on the Hang Time Podcast when we talk with’s rookie guru Drew Packham.

We’ve brought you highlights from both Evans and Steph Curry, but we haven’t given Jennings his time to shine around here, until now:




  1. nate felten says:

    Not only did Brandon score 55, hes got the bucks a great chance to knock off the higher seeded hawks in the playoffs. They wouldnt be in the postseason without him and he has proven he can singlehandedly take over a game all by himself. Jenning for ROY, its a no brainer

  2. Pro says:


    Rose: 16.8pts,3.9rbs,6.3asts, .08stls, 0.2blks (Playoffs)
    Mayo: 18.5pts, 3.8rbs, 3.2asts, 1.1stls. 0.2blks

    Jennings: 15.6pts,3.5rbs, 5.8asts, 1.4stls, 0.2blks (Playoffs)
    Evans: 20.0pts, 5.2rbs, 5.8asts, 1.5stls, 0.4blks

    Mayo having more points offset Rose having more assists. So stat-wise they are equal which is why Rose making playoffs gave him the ROY nod over Mayo.

    Evans has more ppg while still having the same amount of assists as Jennings with more Rbs and slightly better steals and blks.

    The point is if Jennings were averaging close to what Evans is averaging, then Jenning would get the ROY nod cuz he made playoffs. But the stats are not close. (I didn’t even include fg%)

  3. con says:

    jennings for roy last year oj mayo put up better numbers than rose but the fact rose as a pg lead all rookies in assits like jennings and lead his team to the play offs like jennings earned him roy honours u can’t say other player one those games for bucks otherwise they’d be winning those games last year jennings is the type of player who makes other players better the best example is the break out season for bogut since his arrival who should be considered for mip this year i’m not a fan of the bucks i’m probably a bigger fan of the kings but brandon doesn’t play for personal numbers he can drop 55 incase anyone forgot he plays for wins and the underlinning factor is the kings bottom six team bucks playoff contension.

  4. Brett says:

    Ok Sports Illustrated picked the bucks to be the worse team not only in the easter conference but the entire league. That was when we had micheal redd at full health. When redd went down early in the season Jennings did his job and picked up his scoring. Now he is becoming more of a ball control guy and doesn’t need to score 30 points every game because he does have good teammates around him. The kings are pathetic. Any average player could be a 20-5-5 guy with a squad like that. Jennings has shown potential with his 55 point game, something that very few rookies have ever done and just his presence in milwaukee has given bucks fans something to be excited about for the first time in years… A winning season.

  5. Guardini says:

    BJ is 37% from the efield. too low for ROY

  6. G Rudd says:

    Tyreke will win ROY… no doubt about it.. Jennings had a 55-point game, and thats it..

  7. Jolas says:

    I think Tyreke will get the ROY award since it is an individual performance based award. He has developed in a superstar and has been the go to guy for the Kings. The only trouble in comparing is that maybe Jennings could have also gotten those stats of Tyreke if he was playing with those supporting casts in Sacramento. I mean , if you’re the one with that kind of team plus the heat you have in your game as a rookie, then you will really emerge as the go to guy. One thing that lacks in both Bucks and Kings is leadership and both rookies have provided that with their teams only in different manners. You can see Jennings becoming inconsistent with low production in some games because until now he is trying to balance things up since there is always a change in line-up in their roster (guys coming in and out from trades and injuries). As both plays the guard spot, they are really ought to became the general. And one of the most important things that a guard especially since both can play the PG position is their ability to help their team mates show their true abilities just like what Nash did to phoenix way back mid this decade. Jennings has helped his team more, it may not be reflected in his stats but his teamates performances can actually do the talking. Basketball is a team sport, and every player is affected by other players’ game… and Jennings did better in that category. But, like i said, Evans has the one with the better individual stats today so i think he’ll get the award. Both are good players and can be the future faces of the league, i’m sure that whoever is chosen is deserving it’s just they are faced with different opportunities to shine today.

  8. G-Lo says:

    BJ3 will Win he is much better

  9. BONEZ192 says:


  10. Cuz'n Deer says:

    Statisticly, Dwayne Wade should have won MVP last year. Instaed Lebron did because he had more wins. The NBA rewards winning. T Mac put up numbers for years but never was a winner. If Tyreke gets the award, the NBA is sending a bad message to it’s players and fans that it is O.K. to loose. To me it’s like having a good job with bad credit. If you asked the stars in the NBA, who would they rather have Tyreke or Brandon leading there team while trying to win a championship THIS YEAR, I bet Wade, Kobe, Lebron and Dwight would say Brandon Jennings. It’s not Brandons fault that Milwaukee knew they had a good rookie, didn’t want to burn him out and went out and got more players to take some of the pressure off of Brandon. Sacremento gutted there team so that Tyreke can put up numbers. Milwaukee want’s to WIN. Sacramento wants ???????????

  11. Sparky says:

    @Domantas- dramatic changes- changes or lack there are the primary reason Jennings’ and Evans’ respective teams are in the W/L position they’re in.

    Kings changes- traded team high scorer, acquired new coach. This means they have a new coach’s philosophy to learn and scoring must come from somewhere else-big difficult changes. On the positive side Kings acquired Landry.

    Kings lack of changes- kept same old underachieving cast.

    Bucks changes- underachieving center finally has break out year. Acquisition of Salmons at the perfect time. On the negative side (or is it?) Redd is injured again.

    Bucks lack of changes- Second year under head coach means team is getting to trust system.

    Kings 08/09- 17/65 (.207) last place in league
    Kings 09/10- 24/53 (.312) YTD (04/06/10)

    Bucks 08/09- 34/48 (.415)
    Bucks 09/10- 42/34 (.553) YTD (04/06/10)

    As you can see the difference in winning percentages isn’t that great, and looking at the situations it’s easy to see why it exists. Also with Bogut injured it’s time to see if the Buck’s winning ways are more because of the acquisition of Jennings or because of Bogut’s great year.

    Another thing worth considering- several of Sacramento’s wins (which would constitute a decent percentage) are because of Tyreke’s last second buzzer-beating game-winning shots. Add that clutch variable to Milwaukee and how many more wins could they have had?

  12. Harv says:

    How can Jennings be given ROY? Evans (even if he doesnt achieve it) will average almost 20/5/5 for the season. thats GOAT kind of stats. Milwaukee are better this season because they have a centre who has developed & a couple of good bench players. They will collapse in the post season because they are weak.

    The Kings are a completely different team with an improved record (pretty much double the wins from last season). Evans is the marquee man & they are building a franchise around him. Are there any other players who have done that this year? NO!!! Recently Chicago are doing it with Rose & OKC have done it with Durant. They are both All Star players.

  13. Bozz43 says:

    In short: Brandon Jennings should be rookie of the year, period. He is on a team that could easily miss the postseason, if we look at their performance before the all-star brake, but the fact is it won`t. Such a shame that Bogut got injured.Tyreke Evans played well during the season, but all that speaks for him are his stats and his talent. The same goes for Brandon… it`s just that he will be in the playoffs and Tyreke and Steph Curry won`t (If Steph Curry would be on a winning team, I would give the award to him hands down). Granted, Brandon struggled during the season, but he is finishing strong. If they won`t be able to decide who the ROY will be, I think we will see another co-rookie of the year award this year… but that would be unfair to Steph Curry then. All three of this guys deserve the honors.

  14. Trueno says:

    I agree.. Brandon Jenning should be the ROY, although I like Evans better as a player and as a rookie is already carrying the load for his team.. Compared to Jennings, who has Bogut and the guys, Jennings made much of an impact in bringing the Bucks to a cohesive and winning team, although he’s not carrying the entire time compared to Evans, he is their court general..

  15. Dima says:

    Look at the Cavs when lebron was a rookie. The cavs did not improve much at all, yet lebron was a phenomenal player who ended up taking ROY.

    I will agree that jennings did contribute and improve his team, but i also believe that ROY should be decided on individual player stats and performance compared to other rookies.

  16. James says:

    Yes, because Jennings less-than-Tyreke stats; averaging 5 less points per game, 3 less rebounds per game and tied in assists to a “not true point guard” Tyreke’s stats make him Rookie of the Year, Jennings stats mean nothing, nor does his team’s record because it is his team that is doing well, not him and his inconsistent play in the ultra-tough Eastern conference. I’m glad that The Bucks have an amazing all star caliber center that puts up amazing stats every night so that Jennings can look good on his team filled with mostly veterans. If you don’t see “dramatic changes” this year with the King’s young team, you definitely will next year with their Rookie of the Year.

  17. Johnny B says:

    All I have to say is 20-5-5.

  18. I Wear White Cleats says:

    Although Jennings is good, the turnaround in Milwaukee is not just do to him, but rather the emergence of Andrew Bogut. Of course the Kings are nowhere near the playoffs, but can you imagine where they would be without Evans? The Nets would have some competition. Tyreke has incredible leadership and more balanced statistics. Outside of the fact that Tyreke deserves the ROY, we can remember that Brandon Jennings has already played in a professional league for a year. No offense to Domantas, but if you have watched Sacramento this year at all you can see that there has been a dramatic change. It is called having the rookie of the year on your team.

  19. NBA FAN says:

    Tyreke is the ROY. 20-5-5 doesn’t come often. the team records don’t matter in this case since Jennings doesn’t carry the Bucks on his shoulders. Jennings also has a better supporting cast than tyreke and curry.

  20. joakim says:

    brandon jennings desirves the ROY award, he is the only player of the top rookies that has a winnings season and the bucks could not have done it without him if they had steph curry of tyreke evans they would have someone that could put up some big numbers but they could not have lead the bucks to the playoffs like brandon jennings.

  21. Van Mauricio says:

    thats not true “domantas”…jennings has better supporting cast… if you put jennings with the kings they would not be as good defensively, as a matter of fact i think they wouldnt be as good offensively either..

  22. BOB says:

    Tyreke is the best of the two. He is also the better leader. John Salmons is the reason they’ve caught fire. Brandon Jennings will be in prison in a few years anyway.

  23. Luke says:

    @Domantas – True enough, but the Bucks resurgence has been as much or more due to Andrew Bogut’s breakout season and the trade for John Salmons.

  24. TBoy says:

    Tyreke Evans has been the most consistent rookie this whole season. The transformation for this 19 year old (now twenty) from college to NBA has looked like a cake walk. Only having 5 games this year not scoring in double figures, he has gotten praise from every superstar in the league. There is no question that Tyreke Evans should be rookie of the year. He has the highest percentage attacking the rim, and has become an unstoppable beast that teams fear. Jennings is a great ball player and has a chance to take a very talented team to the playoffs. However, the talent and leadership that Tyreke has brought to the Kings has made this team a threat night in and night out. Sacramento has been compared to the young and talented Oklahoma City Thunder. With the Thunder only having 22 wins last year, they have become a big surprise this year in already doubling their wins. I strongly believe that like Durant, Evans will do this for the Kings. I am excited to see these Kings come back on the radar, and watch Tyreke become one of the ball players the league will ever see. Reke the freak for ROY.

  25. Nathan says:

    Although Jennings did lead his team to the playoffs.ROY isnt based on who gets into the playoffs or not its based on the most outstanding rookie and that is clearly Tyreke Evans

  26. gouda says:

    I think Tyreke deserves RoY honors simply because he is already at allstar status. 20 5 and 5 is an amazing feat accomplished by only the greats. I honestly think BJ is out of the discussion. His numbers have dropped like crazy and he isnt really the go to guy for the Bucks like Evans and Curry are for their teams. I give my vote to Reke with Curry in a close second. Curry’s stats are inflated since hes on a team that only thinks about outscoring the opposition. BJ’s stats are slightly deflated because he is on a contender. Evan’s are slightly inflated too but his seem to reflect his game more than the system hes in. Reke4Roy!

  27. Majenkus says:

    First of all, Kings improved their wins by 41% over last year, the Bucks improved by 21%. Second, the Kings organization is a joke. They lost their leading scorer from last year, they lost their best player the year before, and they have a permanent revolving door on the coach’s office. The Bucks’ improvement this year can be attributed to the emergence of Bogut and Skiles as well. What kind of team has Donte Green and Spencer Hawes in the starting line-up? Hawes is a 7 foot tall guy who is allergic to rebounds and thinks a post move has something to do with building a fence. Evans draws the opposing team’s toughest defender every night and puts up numbers that are better than Jennings’ in every category. I don’t think Evans should be penalized for being drafted onto a terrible team and I don’t think it is in the spirit of the award. In fact, I don’t think anything I’ve written should matter at all, the bottom line is that the best player should get the award and the best player is, from the beginning of the season to the end, Tyreke Evans. No brainer.

  28. SilenceTheDoubters says:

    I think Evans > Jennings in the rookie of the year race, because the kings dont really have anybody else, whereas jennings has had some great individual performances, but is a really inconsistent player, he’ll grow to be a lightning scorer, but now he is just too inconsistent to be rookie of the year. Think about it like this,
    Jennings + Bogut, Redd(when hes not injured), Gadzuric, now Jerry Stackhouse, Hakim Warrick(making huuuge leaps and bounds as a player, both literally and skill wise)..
    Evans? he’s pretty much alone in sacramento as far as standout players, they have an alright team, but it’s nothing special, the bucks actually have a decent line up when there healthy. and a major difference has been with bogut, hakim warricks new style of just dunking on anybody that moves, or stands still, and the addition of jerry stackhouse? they’ve made moves as a team, not just jennings’ impact.

  29. troy pearson says:

    It is always a very difficult point to decide. On one hand yes Evans probably had a bigger impact as an individul however basketball is a team sport and Jennings has lead a team that was predicted by experts to finish 27th. He has proven to be a team point guard as the numbers have shown that regularly 5 or more bucks are in double figures. He has lead the team and helped the players around him to devolop into a class players. (Bogut, Salmons, Delfino, etc). Everyone is saying the bucks this year are breaking out and only a true point can help lead a team to do that.( Kidd, Nash, Fisher,etc) Every team needs a little general to stand up and lead and I believe Jennings has done this. Evans is a great player and has a great talent in the class of James, kobe but neither have won a ring by themselves and Evans needs a general and he can play 2 guard.

  30. Mike bibby says:

    But, Rookie of the Year goes to the BEST rookie. Even though Brandon Jennings helped (not really, their are many other key players on that team) a struggling team, Tyreke is a 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times better player, and puts up All Star stats consistantly.

  31. Domantas says:

    Jennings I think deserves to be ROY, because he helped a struggling team into the playoffs, but if you look at tyreke and the Kings record, you can see there werent too many dramatic changes, since last season.

    • Heatfan101 says:

      Um…I think it has more to do with the fact that Bogut finally had his break-up season. The Bucks will fall in the playoffs without him.

      • con says:

        jennings is responisble for boguts break-out season and any team will fall without their starting center

    • Supwenba08 says:

      HEY!!!!!!! Domantas Jennings never made the bucks win…it was bogut the whole time..but i gotta admit jennings did GOOD…But EVANS will win ROY..

      • con says:

        what i don’t understand is why every one thinks boguts break out season just happened to be jennings rookie season he’s a pg making the best play is what he does thats why he leads rookies in assits he’d have even more if he had a more talented team and he’d score more like tyreke does if he had a less talented one he does what it takes to win n the bucks record speaks for itself

    • Jah kamren says:

      You can’t just give the award to jennings just because he is going to the playoffs!! jennings didn’t even do anything to get them there.. yeah he helped but it was not just him.. actually his shooting and everything else is average nothing extraordinary the players that really helped bucks is john salmons and the center (i forgot his name). Furthermore, the kings had the worst record in the nba last year. It all really depends on the draft of last year, ALL THE GOOD PLAYERS GO TO BAD TEAMS, all the so-so and good teams get the players after good players.. bucks was never a bad team.. tenth pick is what the kings had 2 years ago and they where near 500 to play in the playoffs. so depending on the choices that the teams made could lead them to improve or fail.. in the bucks trades they were successful.. but really jennings didnt do anything yeah hes good and ok he leads rookies in assist.. but.. nothing great.. i know your a bucks fan i can tell and you probably can tell im a kings fan.. but aside from fans or not i really thing Tyreke Evans is ROY. when you have 20 5 and 5.. thats insane.. in a rookie year.. not many players can do that.. its really a individual performance.. playoffs is really a team award not individual.

    • Ryan says:

      Currently, the Bucks have 42 wins, 8 more than last year’s win total. The Kings have 24 wins, 7 more than last years total. Not much difference. I’m sure if the Kings were in a weak conference they would be in the running for a playoff spot as well. Do your research before you throw out comparison. Reke will be ROY.